Olga 🎸

Currently work with someone called Olga and keep wanting to ask if they were named after the online guitar archive.

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Had the whole thing downloaded onto my computer at one point.

More tabs than I knew what to do with.


This was an absolute goldmine in the late 90s/early 2000s. All those not-quite-correctly-tabulated Blur songs, so little time.

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Woah, someone wrote an academic paper about it.

I’d forgotten about that place. I remember when we first got the internet and i knew it was a good thing but didn’t know what i should use it for. Then i stumbled onto OLGA and and that was that. No more spending £12 for tab books.


I remember printing off some tabs using school equipment then getting grilled on what olga.net was. :grin: All about Ultimate Guitar these days of course.

reading tabs is too much hassle for me these days, quicker and easier to just figure it out most of the time. Would be cool if there was an equivalent video collection though with just nicely shot videos of the fretting hand.

YouTube is great for these. Check out Alison Bennett and Lefthandedguitarists channels. Got back into playing recently because of those.

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maybe I should show some solidarity as a lefty guitarist myself :slight_smile:

I’m not even a lefty but find it easier to follow watching a lefty play. Plus as he plays the chords show up in the corners for both lefties and righty’s . Def worth a look.