Omar Rodriguez Lopez

He’s currently up to five albums in his non-stop barrage of fortnightly releases, the fifth of which I’m currently enjoying on first listen.

I still think that’s too many albums, of course.

ooh good shout, forgot about the 5th. THE STORY SO FAR:

  1. Sworn Virgins

  2. Corazones

  3. Blind Worms, Pious Swine

  4. Arañas en La Sombra

  5. Umbrella Mistress

was a shame that the recording on no. 4 wasn’t better, interesting lineup

Yeah, plus it didn’t really do much for me (one listen)

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got to the third song on umbrella mistress before turning it off. should start listening to these before buying.

Having listened to some of it, I thought it was pretty decent. It reminded me of britpop in a good way, I think. there’s a chance I’m misremembering it though

Can’t bring self to listen due to still being hung up on and lamenting end of ATDI

ATDi are back !!



Yep, sans Jim Ward. I saw them in London in March and weirdly he’s been replaced on guitar by some other guy from Sparta. Omar was doing his vocal parts.

They were much better than the last time they got back together (2012? 2013?). Omar was not into it and stood there doing the absolute bare minimum then left once they’d finished playing. They all seemed to give a shit this time, which was nice.

Hadn’t heard about any of this.


Yeah that is weird. Awesome to hear they are on form though. Would love to see them so I can descend in to writhing mess of involuntary limb movements.

I did see them back in 2012 at Fuji Rock Fest in Japan, which was obviously incredible, but I did get the feeling they weren’t quite at full force.

Their headline set also clashed with Radiohead. Which was a mind fuck.

cedric still can’t sing for beans though

Sworn Virgins sounded like a sort of Matalan Mars Volta to me. I didn’t really mind it, and tracks like Logged into Bliss were really strong IMO, but it was all a bit busy for me.

Now listening to Corazones and it’s a bit more sedate and quite lovely in places. I don’t really know how I feel about it. It’s got that 60s inspired jangly Indie vibe I’d associate with early Tapes ‘n’ Tapes but it’s never been a sound I’ve really got into big time.


‘Umbrella Mistress’ - first spin, actually very easy listening, and somehow familiar. Thanks for the heads up OP and @ericthefourth


7 El Bien y Mal Nos Une

8 Cell Phone Bikini

9 Infinity Drips

10 Weekly Mansions

11 Zapopan

12 Nom de Guerre Cabal

Are they all shit? Bet they’re all shit.

I really like sworn virgins, the rest are a mixed bag, some are shit aye.