Online games that you've been enjoying with your mates or strangers or even colleagues

lately i’ve played
Conquer Club (online version of Risk with loads of different maps, there’s a big thread about it here)
Skribbl ( drawing game, bit like isketch i guess)
couple of different ones here
few of the jackbox games but someone has to pay for them i think and they’re a bit annoying but the drawing one can be fun



Ooh good thread

Been playing quite a lot, these are some faves:

Dixit Dixit Online

And had a big game of Blood on the Clocktower on Sunday which was great

only heard of codenames from that list

which of those are best for smaller groups?

Dixit and Skull are both great and easy to get into.

Dixit is kinda hard to describe, to start each player is given a set of 6 random cards each with artwork on. Then you take it in turns to come up with a word to describe the art on one of your cards (without the other players seeing the card), or something that can be associated with it, no matter how tenuous. Everyone else is then given your word/phrase and has to pick a card of their own that fits the description as best as possible, with the intention of getting as many people to vote for your card as possible, instead of the person whose go it is. All of the players are then shown the chosen card mixed among all the other players cards, and everyone bar the person whose go it is votes on what they think is the correct card. If your clue was too obvious and everyone guesses it you get no points and they all get points. If your clue was too vague and nobody guessed it then you get no points, so ideally you want a mix of correct and incorrect guesses to score the most points. Helps having a Discord or other voice chait going simultaneously.

Skull is a bit more straightforward and involves quick rounds of betting and lying about cards you’ve put down and your likelihood of turning up as many cards as you can before hitting a skull (starting with your own cards each time). Involves lots of bluffing and misleading people and more detailed instructions are on the website I linked to. Both great fun though!


Played Human Fall Flat on Switch with my pal online. It’s bit like a Fall Guys puzzle game, good fun.

i’d be up for it too. we used to play isketch quite a bit, can’t remember if we did any other games

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf - like Mafia if you know it. In a basic game just over half the players are villagers, the rest are werewolves. The werewolves know each other’s identities. The villagers don’t. At the end of the day (designated by a timer) everyone votes on who to kill. If the majority vote werewolf, the villagers win. There are tons of specialised unique roles that can be thrown in to add extra depth. A game usually takes 5-10 minutes so you get lots of variety of roles over an hour or two’s play.

Spyfall - a location is chosen at random and role cards are given to each player. Depending on number of players, one or two players will be spies, all they know is who the other spy is. The other players have a specific role to play at this location. So at a school you might have Teacher, Dinner Lady, Bully, Janitor etc. Players then ask each other questions about what the location is. Spies have to work out where they are from the questions asked in the group. The others have to ask questions that aren’t obvious and give answers which show that they know where they are without giving the spies the location.

Both can be played free at

Codenames is great

Everyone should come and play conquer club with us nerds

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Skribbl is great fun.

Had to do screen share for these but early on in lockdown did a lot of where you have randomised street view access and have to guess where in the world you are and since switched to City Guesser - Can you guess what city you're in? as it is a video version which is easier and more relaxing game to have on the go whilst chatting.

Dominion is a really fun deck building game that you can play for free with friends