Tell me good things in Ontario. Will be in Huntsville, Ottawa, Bruce Peninsula and Toronto. Travelling solo and will have a car so intend to do a lot of day trips from those places.

I like things like food, coffee, beer, trail running, and little gig venues

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Stayed on a lake near Huntsville yeeeeears ago so only remember that the scenery was stunning. Visited Ottawa on the same trip and finding it very dull, outside of the actual Mounties in proper uniform in front of the Parliament building.

Toronto is a great city though, lots of good places to eat and drink around Queen Street West, and Bellwood’s Brewery by the park. We stayed at the Drake after our wedding and loved it, lots of personality. At the other end of downtown there’s the Distillery District which is also good for food and shopping.

I’d recommend a trip to Niagara-by-the-Lake, very cute, Stars Hollowish town, close to the falls which are also obviously worth seeing.

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Thanks. I’d had a look at running the trail from Niagara-on-the-Lake to the falls which looks a banger. Got Argonauts and Rays tickets too to do some proper sportsing. Annoyingly no Toronto FC game while I’m there to complete the set

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What time of year are you going? Skating on the river in Ottawa is nice in winter. It’s not the most interesting of cities Bit there’s some cool architecture in places. Can’t remember much about the place though.


Less skating then, then. Only other things I can remember were that they had weird booze shops that were like Screwfix and the I saw violin virtuoso, Vadim Repin in some nice concert hall, so pretty specific to February 2006 type stuff. Hope you have a great time, regardless.

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Thanks. Think with Ottawa I’ll mainly be using it as a base to go to nice nature places in the day then just head back for a drink and food and bed, so not too worried about it being a bit of a dull city.

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Toronto’s ace spent an evening getting absolutely hammered at Sneaky Dee’s and there was some alright bars down College Street. Should have spent more time in Toronto than Quebec. The town of Niagra Falls is basically Blackpool, Niagra On the Lake was really nice though.

Oh and don’t get a pre packaged tour of Niagra Falls do it yourself the one thing we had a tour company sort out and it was fucking shit.

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Hello. I go to Muskoka all the time. Hunstville is where my father in law lives.

You got kids?

Muskoka Brewery is good, and if you want a drive Parry Sound has the Trestle Brewery too. Very good place.

Gravenhurts has a cool steam ship that still runs, but in Glasgow. Really neat. And a good boat museum. Quite good. Rosseau also has a good set up, nice wee village. I like port carling, it has a liquor store that has boat parking ha.

There are beaches too, if you want good swimming. Kirby beach in Bracebridge is good, as it their downtown area. Walkable downtown in Canada, actually exists.

As for further south I am woefully ill prepared.

On a side not I am going to be there from mid July to August!

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Amazing thanks. And I’ll be in Huntsville 29th July to 2nd August I think

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good place to check for gigs in Toronto

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Porchetta is the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve had in my life (and I’ve had my fair share). They have two stores in Toronto.


Bahn Mi Boys is also class


As is Maker Pizza

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