Ooh-oo-hoo ah-ha-ha yeah

What are your favourite lyrics that aren’t really lyrics? Feel free to tell you us what song they come from but I’d prefer it if you didn’t so we have to guess.

“Now how 'bout ding a dang dong dong dong ling long dingy a dingy dong a down”

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La la la-la-la, la la la-la-la

Ah, meant to say; no la-la-la-ing allowed.


Well screw you. I’ll just go and listen to Smash on my own

Got the one from the OP on vinyl a couple of years back (well, a different version of it) - the cover was really good:

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But is it Loving You by Minnie Ripperton?

No, it’s the opening to Self Esteem from the album Smash you cloth-eared ninny


Well SDD, would you believe that’s exactly what inspired this thread?

Very harsh, I’m reporting that post. Hopefully you’ll be banned.


Ooh, just earned my ‘first flag’ badge. This day keeps on getting better.

An extraordinary turn of events!

Beeeee ba ba bala bop


Correct, “Jesus Built My Hotrod”. 10 points. :thumbsup:

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Probably doesn’t count, but I’m a strong, sensitive lover of Kim’s V-E-L-O-U…R-I-A… at the end of Velouria. It’s sumptuous.

You completely stumped me here SDD, I had to cheat to find the answer. I won’t spoil it though, in case anyone else wants to guess.

This is very blur-ist

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