Excellent, I was just thinking yesterday about how it might be time for a new one from them soon. One of the best bands going, that three song sequence of “The Combo”, “Sun’s Coming Down”, and “Beautiful Blue Sky” in particular is amazing. All of those twists in the first two are so good.


Ah fantastic…was beginning to worry about the lack of upcoming records to get excited about. Enjoyed both previous albums a great deal (Tim Darcy’s solo effort less so) but they still feel like they can go up a gear, so I can’t wait.


Touring in April too - London date at the Garage, sweet

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Thoroughly enjoying this new tune. It’s not what I was expecting.

Not a fan of that track. Sounds like Wild Beasts and I don’t like Wild Beasts. Lacks the edge that makes them special

One of the few bands I’ve loved from the last few years though, and so good live

After ATP Jabberwocky fell apart, we piled into the OBL to see Ought & Big Ups. I think the combination of people being well up for a festival, frustrated at the whole ATP shambles and being a Friday night made it into one of the best gigs I’ve been to. Almost worth ATP getting cancelled*

*lol no fuck atp

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:grin: yes!

I remember reading in a Tim Darcy interview near the start of the year that they had finished a third album and have been patiently waiting since.

Had a big cheesy grin on my face listening to the new song, seems they can still reach me like no other recent band. That violin :heart_eyes: Hoping live Tim Keen would be playing that rather than anything percussive…

Is it weird that I am a little disappointed they aren’t on Constellation any more even though I fully expected it?

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Excellent news, I still can’t get over how brilliant Beautiful Blue Sky is. The finest song ever written. Ever.


Clips from every track off the new album here -

I really like the new tune, can’t wait for the new album.


Does sound a little bit like Editors :confused:

genuinely one of the best gigs ive ever been to. made the trip up to london completely worth it.

@nestor i thought the same thing about it sounding a little like wild beasts, but to me this definitely has more to keep me interested than a lot of the later WB stuff.

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The new song’s a fair departure from the first two albums like. Not sure what I think of it yet.

Can’t grumble though, at least their trying something new and pushing forward. Just hope it’s in a direction I’m going to dig


Not heard much but thinking it’s definitely worth catching them on their tour.

Sounds a bit weird, what’s happened to his voice? Will need a few listens to work out what I think

I’ve listened to the new track a few times now. I think it’s a real disappointment, hoping it’s a red herring in terms of the rest of the album’s sound

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Good stuff

first single was a bit shite but this is much better

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