Out of place/ill judged songs

Been listening to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road a lot recently and oh my fucking god what were they thinking with Jamaica Jerk Off. Not only is it bad/questionable it just doesn’t fit the record on at all.

Batty Boyz off Born Like This.

Not even posting a link to it. Just straight up unnecessary homophobia, slap bang in the middle of a pretty flawless body of work.


Wild Billy’s Circus Story has no place being on Wild Innocent & E street shuffle. Who needs bass when you have tuba! hell chuck an accordion on there too!

Doesn’t fit with the rest of the album at all


Long Summer Day by Two Gallants. We’ll intentioned at least but massive yikes about a white guy writing an anti-racist song from the perspective of a black person and dropping the N word repeatedly into the lyrics


The remix of I Have Seen My Fate on WHVN. Putting aside the fact its shite, it is really out of keeping with the rest of the album, and extends what is already quite a long run time by 5 pointless minutes.

hmm yeah i guess so, there is precedent with stuff like Rednecks by Randy Newman but it’s no less jarring to modern ears

Indian Song by Elastica comes to mind. Always seemed weird to me that an album of snappy post-punk bangers would have a meandering, hazy Kula Shaker-esque jam in the middle of it. Also: it’s so, so shit compared to the rest of the album.

The missing link between Two Gallants and Beans on Toast

Yeah definitely more ill judged than straight up grim like the MF DOOM example. Still skip it whenever I listen to what the toll tells

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There’s a Delta Sleep song on the first (great) record with the lyric

‘Those things up on your chest look mighty comfy.
I best just lay my head and wait for morning sunbeams.’

The lyrics aren’t great anyway but this one makes me cringe to fuck every time.

Clawfinger’s debut single is quite something (cw: white people using the N word)

To everyone who doesn’t watch Alan Partridge, I just need to inform you all that Melting Pot by Blue Mink is maybe the ultimate “song with good intentions whose lyrics certainly haven’t aged well”

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Lou Reed - I Wanna Be Black

….I just don’t know how this was released


most of Milo Goes To College

‘Free Myra Hindley’ - Cliff Richard

Totally misread the room on that one.


African Man on New Values by Iggy Pop. It’s a really good album otherwise but that is definitely a ‘different times/what was he thinking’ song.

Sadly that applies to much of 80s hardcore e.g. band name The Stupids is ableist in itself before you get around to releasing an album called ‘Retard Picnic’.

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Something I heard last weekend for the first time, Paul McCartney’s Frozen Jap. It’s instrumental, but not a great name is it.

Viewed retrospectively, there have been some toe-curling uses of the N-word by white musicians. The ones that spring to mind:
The The - Violence of Truth
Probably well-meant but makes me cringe every time I hear it now
Elvis Costello - Oliver’s Army
Used very deliberately to make a point in keeping with the theme of the song but…
The one that Lennon did - :grimacing:

I see your point but come down on the otherside. To me it’s pretty much the encapsulation of what he was going for.