Overseas travel plans

Now that the government are seemingly on the verge of relaxing quarantine measures for returning travellers from this Monday, do you intend to take advantage?

I had a flight booked to Zurich for June, but had to reschedule it to September as the original flight was cancelled, so hopefully now it will be OK…



All my family lives overseas, so it’s inevitable that it will happen at some time in the near(-ish) future.

Flights keep on getting cancelled, so might be going by train instead.


Got a week at a campsite in the black forest booked for the end of august (booked pre-lockdown)

Self catering in the german countryside seems as safe as anywhere tbh. Would be driving so its only the ferry im worried about.

Possibly later in the year but I think for now I’m going to go on a lot of weekend breaks locally. And visit the fam obvs.

Big group of my mates are going to Amsterdam this month


Sticking to the UK this year. Got a week in the Cotswolds early September and contemplating Norfolk late August.

Might consider it in 20 years time if the R rate is behaving itself by then


Going to see how things are in the autumn. Probably won’t until next year, though.

No money


Jealous. Never been but my aunt and uncle would wax lyrical about the Black Forest whilst showing the family their holiday snaps from their visits to that part of Germany. It is stunning.

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Cancelled a week booked at a campsite in France for the end of August today.

50/50 between temptation to escape rainy where’s yer poppy island and fear I might quadruple my previously almost nil chances of getting this bloody virus after all.


How’s the distancing over there, I suppose?

If it wasn’t for this bastard virus I would have been at Ortigueira Festival this month in The People’s Republic of @ChorizoPasta !

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Doubt I’ll go inside a pub* or restaurant this year, let alone leave the country.
*have technically been inside the pub a few times during lockdown to pick up my mini kegs.

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Don’t think that going abroad is any more riskier for catching the virus that being here, just don’t want to risk getting ill abroad - that would be a nightmare


It’s not the being abroad that would put me off; it’s being on a plane with a load of other people. Plus the worry of a sudden lockdown being imposed in the place I’m staying (although that’d be a bonus few weeks off work I guess).

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Probably go down to Mrs Roughyed’s mother in Devon but, that’s it. We were thinking about Portugal pre-lockdown but, we’ve accepted we aren’t going anywhere out of England this year.