Pandemic / Brexit: Musicians struggling

Yep totally see that, I guess I just mean do this as much as each of us can.


That’s silly.

More silly or less silly than coming into a thread like this with a ’they should get proper jobs’ take?



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Don’t expect to see many small or mid level acts touring Europe amy time soon

Really well researched piece into the impact of Brexit on festivals from £600 carnets and 12 hour delays to a lack of staff.


I was watching a film called The Souvenir Part II. Decent albeit slightly prentious film. Main character played by Tilda Swinton’s daughter is in film school and she has her own flat and stuff and the only reason she’s able to attend her art school and casually ask her parents for a loan to finish her grad film and stuff is cos she’s rich.

I think art is a rich person’s luxury nowadays. It always has been but more so now. Free market dictates that most won’t make money, I don’t think that that’s a crisis that needs solving I think that’s just the sad reality. In the 90s and 00s the workaround to this was more people hanging out together and starting bands and some of them actually succeeding but how many teens are starting bands now compared to before? Thankfully technology is deflationary so they do have the option of making shitty music from the comfort of their bedrooms and some getting picked up.

But most never made money from it before and won’t make money going forward because the market has moved in the direction of people not wanting to pay much for music and you can try to regulate all you want but you can’t regulate people’s behaviour or preferences or trends.

There’s a new survey about Brexit which would be great if any musicians here can fill in and if everyone else could signal boost. Things like this really help put pressure on govt to act