People you admire who are/were Eurosceptics

Tony Benn
Johnny Rotten

who else?

Nobody that I can think of. And none of your examples (save for a small amount of admiration for moker)

just dennis skinner i think

morrissey and johnny rotten ffs


Yeah was gonna say. How does one come to “admire” Johnny Rotten?

or morrissey


Eurosceptic is not the same as Brexit wanker.

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not admire as such

but John Cleese & Michael Caine being Brexit wankers bummed me out a bit

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Both kinda predictable surely?

Also I think you’ll find Caine just wants to blow the senors off

statistically - absolutely

individually, not sure what specifically would make you think they were Brexit wankers rather than mild eurosceptics

My Father :frowning:

Bet fergie voted brexit

just moker i think

no WAY did Fergie vote Brexit

Owen Jones (both)

Old rich white man + not vocally pro remain = probably brexit

Not a fucking chance mate, he’s basically a commie

Nah. He’s Scottish, a Socialist, trade unionist & early-adopter/hirer of european talent

no way

and Bebe