👽🚀 pew pew let's have a sci-fi thread pew pew 👽🚀

Just finished Ice by Anna Kavan, currently reading The Passage 1. Have ordered this treat too:

saw annihilation recently and it blew me away.

What sci-fi books, movies, TV shows, comics, games etc are you into ATM?

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Also this is on my to do list too


Also it’s been a while since I got into much sci fi & as you can see I’m getting into the doomier stuff. Would be nice to have some lighter fare I guess?

The Expanse is a really good, well though out series worth checking out.
Books and then TV show.


As I’ve just spotted it’s back on Netflix, I thoroughly recommend the film Miracle Mile, a film from the 80s about nuclear doom. It’s an intense watch.

(And Threads, obviously. If you’ve never seen Threads - watch it.)

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You could try The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. It’s the absolute fucking best. Bunch of mates on a spaceship. And other stuff.
A Closed and Common Orbit is stunning and she had a new one out last week - Record of a Spaceborn Few - which I can’t wait to get my mitts on.
She is excellent.


Rewatched threads after listening to atomic hobo podcast. Terrifying.

Will definitely give miracle mile a go.

These novels ya? Will add them to the Kindle basket!

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Picked up Solaris in a charity shop the other day. Do like me some Stanislaw Lem. Still got the Tarkovsky joint to get through too. Which should I tackle first for my optimum enjoyment?

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The Tarkovsky is a tough watch, the book just flies by.

Has anyone read the Jason Bourne books? @Elaina_Casoolare? @xylo?

I did start by comparing sheer volume! Two hundred-odd pages with chapters vs. somehow having three hours free at some point! Just wondering if the book destroys the film’s mystique or gives you something to latch onto? Kinda sounds like the latter from what you’ve said!

I really love apocalypse stuff, and this sounds great. Added to the list!

I’m reading Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks. Just very, very.



I guarantee On the Beach is one of the bleakest things you will ever read.


Glad these are good - got the first two on the kindle and ready to go when I finally get some momentum back on the reading.


I’d seen the American version before either the book or Russian film so there wasn’t much mystery for me :smiley:

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Haha fair enough! I’ll go for the book first anyways - much more likely to get through it!

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This sounds amazing.

Not exactly sci-fi in this one, but it’s a great apocalypse novel and there definitely seems to be a futuristic element in this (at least for the time)

It’s also where I got my username from


The film adaptation of this is…better than the book for my money :open_mouth:

If it’s end of the world stuff we’re taking, this is probably my favourite: