Pink Floyd albums after The Wall

are any of them worth bothering with?

I love ‘The Final Cut’ and there are some seriously good bits on ‘The Division Bell’ but I would avoid everything else.


I’d mostly agree with this ^, but might also throw in a few tracks off A Momentary Lapse Of Reason at a push.

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not sure I’ve ever listened to any of the post-Wall albums in full. They’re so goddamn boring.

Maybe, maybe ‘Sorrow’ but that’s about it. I like that album less than any of the others, even less Nick Mason’s tracks on ‘Ummagumma’.

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if you consider them Pink Floyd albums: (many consider everything after The Final Cut to be David Gilmour solo albums under the Pink Floyd name)…

The Division Bell is by many to be the best. And I agree. Memorable tunes, without really anything bad.

Momentary Lapse of Reason: I enjoy a good amount, although not as good as TDB, nor really most of their others.

The Final Cut: hit and miss. I still may never get past how it feels like leftovers from The Wall. Although considering I only really enjoy 2/3 of The Wall, it doesn’t support it that much. But the best tracks on this album are worth hearing.

The Endless River: I checked out once. It’s really just an ambient, new agey record that is mostly improvised instrumentals, driven by recordings from the the late Rick Wright.

Gilmour: If you enjoy The Division Bell, “On an Island” is probably worth checking out as well. It is kind of a sequel (with actual songs, unlike The Endless River) to The Division Bell. Although while TDB works start to finish, I find the songs more hit and miss.

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I’ve never tried to listen to The Final Cut
in my view, A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell both are on the level of the Floyd’s 70’s classics.
Surely, I’ll put them both in my top 150 albums of all time.

Kinda related - really impressed with the new Roger Waters album after a few listens. Hopefully he’ll bring his Us + Them tour to the UK. The Wall show was pretty spectacular!

The Division Bell is probably my third favourite Pink Floyd album, with the opening track - Cluster One - in my top three Pink Floyd songs!

I’ve got a t-shirt with those giant heads on the front. On three separate occasions when wearing it in Liverpool someone’s pointed at it and said YES.

Can someone make a joke about how they got the wrong prog band there?

Really love The Division Bell and A Momentary Lapse of Reason, because it was what my dad was obsessed with when I was little. Bloody love 'em.

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Yeah, that’s the thing. Just after my parents got divorced, it took a while for my dad to get his stuff together. But when he finally got his own place, and when we started visiting him again, he used to put The Division Bell on REALLY LOUD in the morning to wake us up.

Cluster One eases you in gently, and we were usually wide awake by the time What Do You Want From Me kicked in.

Hearing “Keep Talking” from The Division Bell on cassette in my dad’s Golf at the age of six is one of my earliest musical memories. Whole record is pretty good. Rest of post-Waters Floyd is fairly mixed in terms of quality, some high points here and there.

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Sorrow is worth a listen from AMLOR, but other than that I’m with you

They really should have stopped after The Wall but hey …

You mean you’re accusing pink floyd of only continuing for the money and you’re not even going to use their own lyrics against them?

“Money” would have been too obvious! If they’d called it quits after The Wall their back catalogue, love it or not, would be a remarkable body of work.

It is a remarkable body of work! No matter how you feel about their post wall stuff, how on earth does lower quality later material lessen the quality of the earlier material? Is it tainted by association? That’s pretty unfair.

It’s lessened by the band forgoing artistic merit for cash cow and clear huge financial reward. No?

I don’t think so. Look upthread: I like the division bell more than most of their albums! Artistic merit is there if you look for it.