Pink Toothbrush Rayleigh Essex


has anyone been to this legandary indie club and what is it like?


this the new Arctic Monkeys album?


Yes, I have and I used to love it. However, the last time I went was 1995.


I know nothing about it apart from that apparently Martbowski hung out there and someone racially abused Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly in the toilets there once :frowning: The latter was a long time ago, though, and maybe things are better now.


I have been there and it was great (around 25 years ago).


Circa 10 years ago, according to my brother and cousin, the floor was too sticky to dance and they played almost exactly the same uninspiring selection of indie hits every night. Never been myself, don’t know anyone who has been there more recently.


Same. Was a bit of a trek though, so I didn’t got that often.