Playlist help: please help me sneak around



One of my favorite playlists is my playlist for walking around town in a sneaky and evil way. this playlist already includes bands such as nick cave, oingo boingo, death grips, gary numan, nina hagen, dio, that sort of good stuff. cartoonishly menacing music.
does anyone have any recommendations as to what i could add to this playlist? genre is no object if the mood is right, individual songs as well as bands welcome.

(should this have gone in social?)




+1 for Timber Timbre - Beat the Drum Slowly.


I always felt this had a really sneaky feeling to it:



Share this playlist when it’s done I love this kinda stuff



oh this is perfect thank you


damn i can’t believe i overlooked those guys !

if u like also i could share it. im not sure what sort of platform to do that on, though.


just sneak some of your favourite into this thread praps



Gotta be All Flaws



Great choices in there - Hawk is just…just…


This might be a good addition…


lol i love this thread

Pursuit – Gesaffelstein

Acrylics – TNGHT

Since C.A.Y.A. – Shabazz Palaces

Honey Badger – Eprom

and anything by Flylo lol


Not sure if this fits the bill. Always makes me think of some old 70s heist movie


This Budos Band song makes me want to be a funky spy in occupied territory:

Ditto this Grails song, with slightly less funk: