Please post a spotify playlist for me to listen to on Friday - around 10 songs would be nice.

hoping you guys can provide my soundtrack at work tomorrow. See if you can turn me onto something i didnt know existed.


Heres my current favourites list:

Have a good old browse.

Check the Social board, there’s a thread for spotify playlists there too

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cheers man

Here’s a ten track playlist of favourites of mine released on the Kranky label.

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Jot mine, but my mate’s recommends playlist gets updated monthly and is a food listen.

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just found the MTFTSB… this will be lovely

This was a DiS collaborative playlist from Wednesday 3rd June 2009. This is making me feel very old. Some stone cold classics, some stinkers and… Jimmy Nail. 52 songs and 3 hours 17 minutes long. Enjoy.

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