I know this has been mentioned elsewhere, but polls have gone BONKERS recently (around the time I started that Pietro Valente thread. Coincidence? Maybe not).

e.g. The poll has gone missing from this reply:

(note how it comes up when I quote it, but you can’t see it on the site)

This thread has gone completely bananas, to the extent where it looks like @Smee is the only one talking sense, and obviously that can’t be right.

Here is the discussion on the Social board about it

This was reproduced with NO adblock on Google Chrome running on a OSX 10.12.1.

The poll did appear initially in the Pietro thread, but a few hours later it was gone. That was the first instance where I saw this happening, then later noticed the problem with the Music Polls thread.

Note that when the post which contained the poll is quoted, the unformatted poll options appear in the quote, showing that the composite elements are still there, they’re just not being rendered.

I can’t see anything similar on Discourse unfortunately, which makes me suspect it may be due to the custom configuration of the site and its ads.

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They are just hiding in plain sight…

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Now nobipody will know the Drowned in Sound 2016 average Christmas spend.


Classic Nobipody, tbh


Yeah, three polls all disappeared from my Christmas menu thread.

Looks like this is working again now as far as I can tell.

If I try to insert a new “single choice” poll it won’t let me

But if I switch “single choice” to “multiple choice” it will then let me insert. I can switch back to “single choice” and insert the poll

Simple fix for that.

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