Potential new poll series: How Good Was The Year?

Tomorrow, for International Start a Thread day I thought I might kick off a new poll series I’ve been considering. Since the weekly HGWIR album polls stopped, I figured there is space for another poll series alongside the ever popular HGATR threads. So I thought a poll thread of each calendar year from the 60s to the present might be appropriate, with a leaderboard and so on.

Format wise, I figure I’d open the thread with a poll and a list of albums (either best selling or highest rated on rateyourusic or besteveralbums or somewhere like that) and a few videos of the biggest singles of the year, and maybe some adjacent content like major news stories. Then I’d leave it for people to post their favourite albums, songs, videos, etc, maybe some stories of gigs they went to or other memories ofthe year (mileage may vary on this given not many of us have memories of the 60s) and make a few polls based on suggested records.

Do you think this is a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you said yes, please consider giving your opinions on the following:

What rating system would you like? I think I favour out of ten personally.

  • Out of 5
  • Out of 10
  • Out of 100

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How long should the thread/poll stay open for? I’d quite like less frequent than weekly to allow people to dip in and out of recommended albums they didn’t know before they commit to scoring the year.

  • A week per thread
  • 2 weeks per thread
  • A month per thread

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Allow every user to nominate one album and one song into the album/song of the year poll which would go live a day or two before the thread closes

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea
  • Do it differently (please specify)

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If you have any suggestions not covered in the above polls please let me know.

This is a very good idea. HGATR is on indefinite hiatus so you have the floor to yourself. I reckon a week is long enough for each one, enough time to check out a playlist or album list and make a judgment.

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I would add that it could be fun to encourage per-year mixtapes of a specified length. Maybe 80 mins, maybe 10 songs… whatever seems sensible.

You’ll just have to let me know when 1994 Is coming because I’ll need a day off to spam the thread :heart_eyes:


I also think that it would be more fun to do them in random order. It adds more excitement as you never know what’s up next.


Yeah that was how I imagined doing it - think there would be an informal rule that there would be a change of decade each time but otherwise no order to the sequencing.

I hadn’t realised that, figured there was just a pause over the busy festive season. I hope we can persuade you to resume in the future but mostly just thank you for the all the hard work keeping it going for as long as you have!


Probably won’t get involved personally but I imagine this’ll be very popular if it goes ahead.

It might come back, just felt like maybe it’s run its course for now, seem to be getting a bit serious and niggly every time. See how it goes in the new year.


Very good idea. I enjoy the threads where somebody just posts a year and people just pile in with stuff from that year, so having that plus a bit of structure/purpose to it would be even better.


When I was 17

  • It was a very good year

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I like this idea.

I also hope that HGATR comes back at some point. I also hope HGWIR comes back too. Both gave people the opportunity to wax lyrical about acts/albums they love and, even if you don’t like something, it’s always good to see people talk about something they love.

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Good idea.

My only suggestion would be to mix the years around a bit so it’s not chronological. Do a year from the 90s then the 60, then the 00s etc. Keeps it a bit more varied maybe?


Nice idea.

I follow a Twitter thing where people vote for their top 5 albums in a given year. Think 1990 was the last one they did.

Always interesting to see what comes up and what is more/less popular than you’d think.

Think DiS people will come up with more interesting choices tbh

Hope it does come back - really enjoyed them. Can completely see why you’ve decided to stop doing them after a couple of the recent ones though, so fair play. Thanks for all the effort you put in - they were a real highlight last year


What’s the Twitter account called?

Sorry I’m an idiot and can’t work it out. I thought it was this but he’s doing ‘festive 50’ polls. I’ll message when it pops back up on my feed.


For some reason I also watch this YouTube channel where they did years in music. Tbh it’s really boring and they only like mainstream rock so no idea why I watched it really.


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