Premier League halfway point Team o' the Season poll thread (SSP)

This is a safe space thread seperate to the passive-aggresive drivel, bullying, anti-bants and general pettiness of the football threads.

I’ve watched 6-8 games this season so i’m generally going off the Guardian match reports, podcasts and about three episides of Match of the Day.

Apologies if i’ve left some players out, or miscategorised others. I’ve had a quick look through the PL appearences and discounted anyone who’d played less than half of their team’s games, and left a few off who by their standards haven’t quite been at it but who the stats alone would maybe warrant a place - Aguero, Firmino (unfair?).

Anyway, just for fun. No rules really, other than don’t vote for a player who plays for the club (one of the clubs) you support.

Please no wanker stuff…

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Southampton Saints



  • Begovič
  • Ryan
  • Dubravka
  • Fabianski
  • Kepa
  • Alisson
  • Foster
  • Patricio
  • Other (please state…)

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Football threads have been fine this season tbh. I mean, Liverpool are going to win the league and I think we’ve all been quite dignified about that impending doom tbf



  • Bellerin
  • Francis
  • Wan-Bissaka
  • Femenia
  • Doherty
  • TAA66
  • Other (please state…)

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  • Alonso
  • Chilwell
  • Robertson
  • Davies
  • Other (please state…)

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  • Aké
  • Dunk/Other guy at Brighton
  • Gomez
  • Van Dijk
  • Stones
  • Laporte
  • Cathcart
  • Diop
  • Bennett
  • Coady
  • Boly
  • Other (please state…)

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  • Gomes
  • Maddison
  • Albrighton
  • Torreira
  • Ndidi
  • Lerma
  • Pröpper/Other Brighton guy
  • Wijnaldum
  • Kanté
  • Dave Silva
  • McArthur
  • Fernandinho
  • Bernardo
  • Sissoko
  • Eriksen
  • Moutinho
  • Neves

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  • Aubameyang
  • Anderson
  • King
  • Brooks
  • Wilson
  • Murray
  • Fraser
  • March
  • Patterson
  • Toilett
  • Richarlison
  • Mané
  • Sterling
  • Perez
  • Son
  • Moura
  • Kane
  • Pereyra
  • Jimenez

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Think i’ve done a good job there.

Well done Yerman Bugduv.

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Surely there must be another CB other than Van Dijk… Struggling. I guess Ake has had a good season?

There seems to be a real dearth in the defensive positions.

That said, the nature of modern football is we base things on the last one or two games. Most City fans i know were saying Laporte had been faultless until he got on the Christmas sherry.

Yeah think actually up until really recently Laporte has been very good, I’m going for him

Ryan Bennett was a proper underwhelming signing, but he’s quietly, consistently and competently done a job for us since we signed him. Unsung hero of the team, he is.

Might just squeeze this one in here, but most entertaining team in the league?

I’ve really enjoyed watching Watford, Arsenal and Spurs, and don’t think City or Liverpool have really hit third gear yet.

(Obviously everyone enjoys certain teams losing, but assuming that by entertaining we mean most proactive football…)

  • West Ham
  • AFC Bornemouth
  • Wolves
  • Watford
  • Everton
  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • City
  • Spurs
  • Liverpool

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Voted Everton based on their last 6 weeks or so being quite silly, Bournemouth very close second.

Missing Hazard?

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who was the last CB to win player of the season?


No hazard, Salah, Pickford or de gea ‘options’ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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