PWR BTTM & sexual assault allegations

Some pretty heavy shit going down in PWR BTTM land - the singer has been accused of sexual abuse (I think these allegations have come out before)

I think a while back the same member was in a picture doing the rounds of them posing next to a swastika.

This seems to be new sexual abuse allegations + that swastika photo being sent around again.

It all seems quite strange. I’m not really a fan of the band but I’m trying to find where the source of the abuse allegations has come from. Not that I’m saying those allegations are false - it’s just weird there isn’t a quote or forum post being associated with this, there doesn’t seem to be an origin for it all?

That said I’ve heard a private facebook group mentioned a few times about it, so maybe it’s just been hidden and no one has screen capped that?

I’ve never heard of them, but I thought it was interesting how they’ve dealt with it. They’ve set up an email address to report sexual abuse, which they’ve said will be monitored by an independent person. I can see that an organization might do that if they were the centre of allegations, but if it’s just one guy then it feels like an admission of guilt.

Not sure actually. Perhaps not guilt, but an admission that things could have happened that were interpreted very differently by the other party.

It’s somewhere between an organisation and a single person innit, his bandmates seen to have set it up. Imo, it looks like they’re trying to take the allegations seriously but need evidence beyond anonymous Facebook posts.

The allegations started on a private FB group (screencap), and a few other claims came forward from there:

Some further stuff on this Twitter account too

It feels a bit of a weird way to do it, as if people who come forward have to do it on the band’s terms or something. Not sure I’m particularly comfortable with it.


yeah, me neither. just wrote that in response to the idea that doing this is a tacit admission.

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I don’t know the back story of this but the statement read like an absolute statement of guilt rather than a tacit one


I’m pretty upset about this, really shocking. They’ve co-opted this queer identity, told queer people “you’re safe with us, you can be you and no one is going to hurt you”, but actually it’s them who are abusing these people. Like, because they identify as queer they’re completely absolved of any responsibility. It’s particularly galling because I had a very similar experience with a ‘queer’ person, and I tried to confront the abuser and was totally gaslighted. It cost me friendships too, because the reality is that whilst people proclaim to be on the side of the victims, they’re not when the abuser is a friend of there’s. And I have to live with the fact that this person has been let off the hook by so many people and never really took responsibility for what they did to me.

Bah, sorry. Never really spoke about this to many people, let alone on a public forum. But yeah, PWR BTTM’s actions and subsequent gaslighting has reopened a particularly painful wound. :confused:


Ah man I’m sorry that this has happened to you. :heart:


I’ve known about this for a little while. Ben quite violently raped a member of a Facebook group I was in and sent her really disgusting text messages for a while afterwards (she posted screen shots of them which I did not save out of respect for her) but she was scared about coming forward in case all the queer ponx attacked her fro ‘ruining’ their band. It was really awkward seeing them get so much praise when I knew this about this but she told us not to tell anyone and I wanted to respect that.

This whole situation is awful.

jesus, that’s horrible. Fuck them, fuck PWR BTTM. So fucking mad.


From various forums I look at this is such a fucking shame for a lot of young people who thought they’d found some positive/relatable role models (obviously worse for the victims). Seen lots saying they’ve cancelled album and ticket orders etc.

How can PB launch a set-to-be-crossover album (as they were literally about to) with this hanging over them?

Arrogance? It’s a monumental fuck up.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’m kinda over it just about but when I hear shit like this… eurgh, makes my blood boil.


Fucking hell, that’s horrific. I have heard of them but never really knew much about them but I really hope the scenes they were involved in can recover and self-police to a greater extent in future - this sort of story’s just sickening.

Well that’s horrific. Sorry to hear that.


I got kicked out that facebook group so have no way of contacting her. I hope she’s ok.