Questions you have about fictional universes

Please use this thread as a rolling debate for what you see as logical failings within attempts at coherent world building.

I have a couple that have been bothering me recently:

1: In Harry Potter (I know, I know, read another book), we often see magic being used to heal injuries, at least injuries caused by magic, but in a world where people can repair inanimate objects with magic and do things like change their appearance with magic, it stands to reason that some level of healing of typical injuries is possible. To follow this through - are there wizards and witches with disabilities? I don’t recall any in the series. Is this because they are “healed” of any issues? In a similar vein, we are repeatedly shown that proper enunciation and fine motor skills are needed to say spells and move a wand to create a desired spell - what does this mean for people who have speech impairment or conditions that mean they cannot use a wand? Or do these people not exist?

2: In Bing Bunny, what’s the deal with Flop? He’s presumably not Bing’s dad, but is does at least seem to be his carer. But if he’s an adult, why is their world sized for “children” like Bing, while Flop is half his size? And why does he appear to be a toy animal rather than a real animal like Bing is?

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe what films do all the regular folk go to see at the cinema?


In The Two Towers, when that orc says “looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!”, does this mean that the orc canteen is a la carte, and


At the end of Beauty And The Beast all of the Beast’s furniture turns back in to the real people who worked for him - why did the Beast employ such a large staff of butlers, cleaners etc. to man what must have been an unfurnished castle?


In Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Disney Film) they built their house a fucking long walk from the mine they all work at right?


There’s some theories here: CBeebies: making sense of the Bing Bunny universe | Den of Geek

I’ve always subscribed to what they describe as the “weird” theory.

In Wayne’s World, why does Stacy buy Wayne a gun rack as a gift, when he doesn’t own a gun, let alone


I had sort of assumed that Flop was some kind of projection of Bing’s, like his conscience or something. Maybe some kind of guardian angel figure. Who knows.

In The Return of the King, why do they not take the eagles to Mount Doom in the first place? Would’ve saved about nine hours.


Why doesn’t Ross, etc


Why does Goofy, a dog, have a pet dog?


Also why does Sam, as the biggest Hobbit, not simply eat


Living in close proximity to the mine may not be safe. Also, they get there in the time it takes to sing that song, right? Doesn’t seem that far.


This is a good point.

You reckon Foghorn Leghorn ever met Wile E Coyote?


Why does Alfred indulge Bruce Wayne in his crime fighting escapades, rather than gently suggest he get some counselling to deal with his trauma?


Edward Iceknifehands


In Groundhog Day, how come the same day keeps happening repeatedly? Doesn’t seem very realistic.


Always a bit jarring when real-life politicians get namechecked in The Thick Of It, Veep, House of Cards, etc.

Less of a question than an observation really, h_y_g.

Similarly in World War 2 why did the allies not simply fly into Berlin and blow up Hitler? Would’ve saved 6 years.