quick, currently 147 replies in the snooker thread

It’s not my thread!!!

I don’t want to sully @ma0sm’s thread but I’d just like to issue a big FUCK OFF to everyone that thinks pool is better than snooker

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Fucking hell

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Snooker for watching
Pool for playing (snooker is too hard)


I’ll close you down if you’re not careful.

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Someone’s replying in the snooker thread. Last chance to see it on 147. Go have a look while you can.


I agree with this

I spent a large amount of time in snooker halls as a youngun and I’m a decent pool player. My best snooker break is 16. Stupid game. But I love it.

Pockets too small
Balls too big

:point_up: Jimmy White’s Tinder bio

Quick, someone screenshot it!

what a wonderful 30 minutes this has been.


You do it!

I can’t!

Why not?

You have a stinking attitude today!!!

Just wait for 155 now.


maybe we need to ‘pool’ resources, as they say :wink:

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It’s too hot worma!

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Fun fact: the only professional snooker player to miss the final black of a maximum break twice is called Un-Nooh.

Snooker is just pool for pendants

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I saw it!