quick, currently 147 replies in the snooker thread

catch it whilst you can


@modarators, please close that thread

Nothing to do with the reply number, I just hate snooker


Shall we try to get this to 147 replies and then someone else can start a thread saying that the thread that is alerting people to the 147 replies in the snooker thread now has 147 replies. It’s meta?

Please try to get this post to 147 likes



It sounds like a tough challenge but I’m up for it

Why are snooker tables so big?

Some call them the Golf Courses of the Indoors

anywhere else use baize these days?

How close is your nearest snooker table right now?

  • No idea
  • Less than 100 metres
  • Less than 500 metres
  • Less than 1 kilometer
  • Less than 10 kilometers
  • Less than 50 kilometers
  • Less than 100 kilometers
  • Less than 1000 kilometers
  • Less than 1,000,000 kilometers

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What is better?

  • Snooker
  • Pool

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no billiards option??

We’ve got 147 replies to fill, there are more polls to come



What is Baize? I thought thewarn was just being silly

Googled it, what a waste of fucking time.

Even @AQOS has given up on his awful quest. I feel like the cast of The Office (US) in season 8.

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How big is a kilometre

Imperialist scum

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:triumph: wow okay fuck you and your thread