Quiet Crowds

Near silence here.

The Adrienne Lenker solo gig in London last year was so quiet i could have cried.

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RIP The Luminaire



Crowds can be too quiet also imho

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Best venue ever.

Used to to there a few times a week and get brilliant chip shop chips from Alex’s Plaice on the way home.

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Went to a Grace Cummings gig last year and she had a perfect approach to stuff.

She was playing St Matthias Church and as an acoustic artist she addressed the snobby indie audience brilliantly.

Paraphrased it was something along the lines of “If you’ve bought a beer don’t wait until the end of the song to open the can. Just crack the can when you want. It’s a fucking gig after all.”

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Bjork at Blue Dot last year

Pindrop silence

Last time I saw The Besnard Lakes you couldn’t hear a pin drop, as Jace Lacek has a crippling fear of pins and people were asked not to bring them into the venue.


If you want to drop pins when the bands are on, please leave the venue.


Best I ever experienced: Regina Spektor at The Olympia, Dublin. She seemed genuinely touched by the crowd’s response

Worst: Presidents of USA in The Limelight, Belfast. Basically filled to the brim with drunk students shouting “PEACHES!!! PEEEEAAACCCHHHHEESSSS!!!” for the half hour I managed to endure before fucking off

We went on a family night out to see Brian Wilson and were in the disabled stands near the back for my younger sibling. Two people parked in front of the stand and their chatter was loud enough to be actively distracting during God Only Knows :angry: We asked them to keep it down or move and then they told us to move :rage:

They eventually moved on after a few songs worth of glowering from my mam, who as ever is the real hero.