R.I.P. Andre Williams

15, 16, 17 that’s jail BAIT!

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I saw him play one time in New York, at the tiny Lakeside Lounge bar. He kept his entire set clean of both cussing and even inuendo - because his mother was there in the audience.

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Did he play a covers set??

Only really know Silky well (and bought that mainly for the Gories connection) and his stuff with Jon Spencer. They’re great though. Is there a good place to start with his other stuff?

Obviously very sad that he’s gone, but looks like he led a pretty full life

Where to start? At the beginning, I’d say. At every stage in his life the music was worth hearing. Always. His early recordings on the Fortune label are great. But most things on that label are worth owning anyway. Through his Chess/Checker years in the sixties. Right up to his most recent stuff on Norton and In The Red etc.

When I saw him that time in New York he didn’t have to do any covers - he just kept to the 1950s/'60s and songs like Bacon Fat and Greasy Chicken though not Jail Bait, and changed the lyrics to some of the others.

A friend tells the story of Andre Wiliams being in London. Two friends of mine were walking through Soho with him at night and some crackheads walked over, threatening and nasty. Williams stood there in his pinstripe suit and hat, stared them down and said, “You boys think you’re tough? If you’re gonna be in your line of work you gotta look good too. Like me!” That confused them enough that they just shrugged and wandered off.