Radiohead are great

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Strongly agree

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A > IR > OKC = TB > KA > AMSP > TKoL > PH


Hail to the Thief is also really good, I just shouldn’t post so early in the morning.

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Been hearing a lot about these guys lately, need to check them out


The thing I love most about them is how they steal the love and appreciation that should rightfully belong to other bands. Love a good kudos-heist :+1:

Think we need a poll on how to pronounce it. Is the emphasis on the ‘RAY’ or the ‘DIO’ or perhaps even the ‘HEAD’

It’s rayDIOhead for me

I just pronounce it normally



In Rainbows > Ok Computer > Jonny > Com LAg 2+2=5 > Thomas Yorke > Like spinning plates < Horrible Drum Guy > The panic, the vomit > The very best of Radio-head > The panic, the vomit

Grey Dio Hed[pe]

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‘normally’ doesn’t sound anything like Radiohead

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I just discovered this morning

Lots of alternative tracks and demos - under OK Computer is a lot of the stuff from the tape / minidiscs isolated into a tidy single mp3.

Easy to download straight from the site.

I hoovered up about 50 tracks this morning.

Also LOADS of early stuff under the On a Friday banner that I’ve never heard.

This was particularly nice: No Surprises

depends if you’re Jools Holland or not

Anyone else ever actually gone through the newspaper that came with The King of Limbs? Just flipped through it for the first time. Felt like I was going through one of those free music listing things c. 2000.

Anyway, always forget these records are to be played at 45, FFS

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@anon35600300 just can’t help it, it seems!