Recommend tracks with Hammond organ buildups


I absolutely love tracks that build up with a huge sounding organ bed and full on Leslie cab wobble.
With a particular lean towards sad songs like these:


ever heard this?


Billy Preston is king


I didn’t even mean this tune (though it does have Preston playing organ on it), I meant I Got The Blues off Sticky Fingers.

I def think that second Girls album was channeling that era of the Stones where they were essentially a great Stax soul band with gospel singers, organ, horns etc.


dunno if this is what you’re after, but I’ve always loved the Hammond coming in on Goin’ Home:


Thanks all. I’m throwing these all on a Spotify playlist to raise up my journey home.


think this is a harpsichord rather than an organ, but still might do the trick:


I absolutely bloody love this song.


Pretty much just one big buildup



Excellent thread! Does ‘Heart of the Sunrise’ by Yes count? Can’t remember a specific build-up, but the organ in it is fantastic.


Can’t go wrong with Foreplay


Right, thanks all. Playlist loaded and leaving the office.


Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love