Review Sites/Magazines for My Little Post-Hardcore Band (Help?)

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for advice. I’m the singer-guitarist for a band called Failed Psychics. We’ve just recorded a new EP that we’re really proud of, and rather than do the usual thing of just leaving it on Spotify for nobody to listen to, I thought I’d send it out to be reviewed to try and get some buzz.

The problem is that I don’t really know any sites/magazines/reviewers that might be open to covering more old-school post-hardcore stuff like ours. Any suggestions? We’re into Fugazi, Minutemen and Unwound, if that helps.

We don’t have any videos of our new stuff yet, but here’s a live performance of a song off it to give you an idea. (Since this video though, I now play electric rather than acoustic guitar).

Any suggestions appreciated!


Cool music for sure!
It’s kinda mathy at points, so Fecking Bahamas would be a good shout from that angle.

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I like this. It is good and nice.

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The Quietus and Loud and Quiet for starters

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You’re welcome! :grinning: New release coming soon!

Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone! Will message them at the weekend, see what happens.

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I am enjoying this post.
Very cool music, indeed!

Cool, I enjoyed that! is a good bet

Noecho also, but that’s more hardcore so dunno

Good luck :grinning: