Rick & Morty



Is absolutely fucking brilliant.
Just got into this recently, fuck knows why it took me so long!
Any other fans? @incandenza ? And someone else, can’t remember though

Friday niiiiiiiiight baby!

His is what I’m doing with my day off :slight_smile:


Watched the first episode last night. Was not exactly blown away. But as that geezer is Lemongrab I will give it another go.


It is absolutely great and they need to hurry up with season three


And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we go.


Bounced off it the first time because the first episode is shit. But the rest of it is absolutely fantastic.


the pilot is less good than the rest of the first two seasons, being as it is a pilot. lots of great weird Lemongrabby weird stuff. and it’ll make you feel feelings like that episode of Adventure Time with Marceline and Ice King singing that song.


It’s just gets better and better :slight_smile:






watched a few episodes found parts of it really good and parts of it a bit family guy (the stuff with the family iirc)


wipes up drool


Season one is good, season two is great. Some absolutely brilliant episodes in season 2.


yeah it’s great

I found it kinda unfunny at first (I only watched a few episodes of the first seasonl) but I rewatched all of it from the beginning and loved it



it’s not like Family Guy, don’t say that. Jerry is America’s sweetheart.



Best show around at the moment.


“where’s my wife”


“This guys taken Roy off the grid!!”