RIP Sam Jayne (Love As Laughter)

Sad news - always loved his music. RIP Sam

I had a couple of their albums in the early 2000s and saw them a few times supporting Modest Mouse at The Garage around 2000 too. Good band both on record and live.

A grim realisation I had yesterday was on their album Sea To Shining Sea they have a song track that is grimly prophetic.

Sad news.





Yeah. I wanted to post Pulsar Radio in here because it’s my favourite LAL song, but really can’t for the same reason. This is really awful. Both Lync and Love As Laughter are brilliant bands. Was going through what was looking back probably the worst time in my life around 2005 and I really clung to Laughter’s Fifth for ages during that time. Don’t really know why, wasn’t a mega fan or anything, just found it really comforting. Genuinely helped me get through it all, so thanks so much for that, Sam. RIP

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Oh man, I’d forgot that was by him. I always think of the built to spill version! Must dig out sea to shining sea, played that so much at the time

Love this one. RIP

RIP Sam such a great artist , best song for me : [Love as Laughter - Dirty Lives]

Yes anissation but you can check this for more informations about him :slight_smile:
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