Rolling normies have vinyl questions for nerds thread

Hey nerds! (and I mean that in a positive way).

Hoping this thread can be a nice rolling knowledge share. Some of you know about records, and some of the rest of us just think “the disc and artwork and lyric sheet is really big, and that is nice. And often the record sounds much nicer than the CD or MP3 (apart from sometimes where it sounds really shitty and you realise you’ve been had)”. Be cool if the itk people can help out the not itk people, or maybe sometimes one of the itk people will know things another one needs to know.

Anyway, I just bought a record player to replace my old 1980s pawn shop one that became no longer a pleasant listening experience about 4 years back. I have a few records picked up in the interim that I am only now getting to play, and I made some stark discoveries. I got most of Sufjan’s discography, I forget where I got them, no receipts or anything were kept. Turns out both Illinois and Carrie & Lowell are defective, like from the manufacturer defective. Illinois side C, when you play it, is actually side C of Michigan! That’s a whole different album! A better album you might say. But still, I have that album and I want to hear goddamn Predatory Wasp, it’s the best one! And then Carrie & Lowell has like a splinter sticking through the record, like right through the grooves. It was obviously an imperfection in the plastic when they pressed it.

So my question is, years have passed, and I forget where I bought them… But these are obviously factory fuckups, can I contact whoever made it and get them to send me new discs?

Also wish my luck with all the Charli XCX albums I haven’t opened yet, I really hope they’re playable.

I honestly don’t know, you could try but those records might not currently be in print

The quality control on modern vinyl is shocking sometimes

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They’re probably worth loads of money tbh. Find the catalogue no. and check on discogs.

Probably not at this point. You could only really do that if you bought direct when they were new out. There was probably a recall or something.

Always worth spinning stuff straight away though, you wanna watch out for locked grooves, damage, warping, etc. Caveat emptor.


just so you don’t embarrass yourself, the plural of vinyl is vinyls




I have had some issues with LPs in recent years and had the exact issue you described when I bought 69 Loves Songs from Merge.
I dropped them an email with a photo of the issue and they sent me out a replacement disc and posted it priority mail from the states and it arrived withing the week.
On a similar note, I picked up Mogwais Central Belters box set months after release and their was an mispress where one of the disc had the same side of music twice. Again dropped Rock Action an email not really expecting much. Sent me out a correct version of the disc and a print signed by all the band.

It is definitely worth reaching out to indie labels as my experiences have been positive. Can imagine heartless majors wouldn’t want to know.

Worth at least checking your newly bought LPs visually as soon as just in case so they can at least be returned to the shop if a label can’t help.

Drop AK an email and see wha happens. I suspect they’ll be quite decent.




Looks like it’s this?

Lools like they had great fun pressing that album. There’s another version where side C is a repeat of side A

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I’ve got a soundtrack album where it’s a completely different soundtrack to the one it’s meant to be but by the same artist and film director.

One side different seems weirder though tbh.