Rolling Shoegaze / Dreampop / Slowcore Thread

Must have nissed all the MBV albums last year…

Some great stuff in last year’s thread, but now it’s this year, not last year.


I really liked that Taffy album from last year.

Oh and Westkust. And Palm Haze, which probably counts too.

there might be some more Holy Fawn on the way as there’s a new EP on spotties

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I Break Horses are back!


New Ringo Deathstarr!


Also enjoyed this EP “Blue” Elliot Frazier produced for J-Pop artist RAY

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Just discovering a (fairly) new band called Nation of Language. Seemingly have been around a few years, but debut album is out in April.


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That new song is great

This is great

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Probably very late to the table with Midwife but this is some lovely hazy shoegaze.

And this isn’t a cover


Not new but lovely stuff from Cardiff band Perfect Body

I heard them via by discover weekly. Anyone Can Play Guitar is a great song and much better than the Radiohead song that shares its name.

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Peel Dream Magazine are scratching that MBC itch for me recently.

DreamGaze Worldwide: Call for Submissions – DKFM Shoegaze Radio

Some Russian dream pop courtesy of Wooden Whales

Really hooked on the Peel Dream Magazine album from this week.

Missed last year’s Stargazer Lilies album at the time. It’s like music for a really sad fairground in places.

Estonia 's Pia Fraus had a new one out a few months back. After being disappointed with the last one, this one has been a late night listen a lot for me

Can’t remember if this came up in last year’s thread, but another Russian band, Life On Venus released their second album. Kinda gothy dream pop.