Rough Trade's Albums Of The Year


Glad to see a few ones under the radar albums such as The Julie Ruin and Black Mountain.


basically just a list of vaguely noteworthy indie albums released in the last 10 months, isn’t it? doesn’t seem massively interested in quality control


and Powell(!)


yah, that’s a great record that needs some hype still, so good to see it on there


Most end of year lists tend to be quiet generic. The big annual count up that someone kindly does for the DiS users albums of the year average out for dull reading. I always prefer to scroll down people’s top five picks. They make more interesting viewing.


The only criteria is you have to have agreed to some kind of ‘Rough Trade exclusive’


Couple of good albums in there
Mostly rubbish of course


I really like the Unloved album, so nice to see that make any list as it seems to have flown under the radar somewhat…


fuck off, it’s only november


Nice to see tindersticks and The Coral. Two great records from great bands that seemed to fall off the radar. But how the hell do you miss Suede with a late career high. Especially considering some of the throw away indie included on this list.


Monthly magazines will be hitting shelves next week with their December issues, so brace yourself.


I agree that the best source of new music is in individual choices…but these are collaborative lists by big publications, they’re not going to be that varied, simply because they are based upon on a consensus.

In 2015 it was probably “boring” to talk about the best album being either Sufjan or Kendrick, but that doesn’t make it any less valid.


That’s why the DiS list is never done by what’s most popular. I try to highlight particular regular and senior staff, as well as people with specialist knowledge. Also try to pay attention to things which bubble up from the forums too. Maybe I’m deluded and our lists are just as boring at everyone else’s?


Personally, I don’t think this Rough Trade list is boring at all…it’s varied and has a number of unexpected picks.

I think it’s best to have a balance between recognised strong albums and left-field picks. Too many of the former results in a “boring” list, whereas an excess of the latter makes the list almost irrelevant and wilfully contrary.

Having said that, many DiS users are following music pretty closely, so a list featuring critically acclaimed records may seem predictable to them. Basically, you can’t win


You’re right - there’s plenty of room for lists that try to identify the critical consensus about what the great albums of the year are and other lists that try to identify the overlooked and interesting classics. Both are perfectly valid and I never understand why people get cross about the first type of list. It would probably be ‘predictable’ to list Blackstar and Skeleton Tree as albums of the year in 2016 but that’s because it is obviously true to a large number of people. I enjoy those sort of lists and also the second type from places like FACT and Quietus which always introduce me to some good stuff that I’ve missed.


There’s definitely a place for the sort of “critical consensus” that you mention. These are, in theory, the records that we’ll still be talking about in decades to come so it’s good to have a reference point, even if this doesn’t provide anything new for music fans to discover.


It doesn’t matter how much music I listen to there always seems to be about 500 albums on eoy lists I’ve never heard of. Plus nearly everything on The Quietus list of course.


Imarhan- good call.


If they’re going to make a list then it needs to be ordered - otherwise it’s just a list. Unless they really think that Iggy Pop album was best of the year, cos it wasn’t.

Some good albums in there, but no indication of what order I should fill my personal gaps in…if at all.


they tweeted out the top ten and Iggy was no.1.

Reviews were mediocre weren’t they? Can’t say I’ve heard it though so maybe it’s amazing.