Ruffer's band jag - some lovely indie rock for everyone

Lemme know if you like it, or not, y’know, that’s fine.


One moreeeeee

I like the name so will try to listen at some point. Excellent work on getting something out there either way!

enjoying this stuff, man. you guys sound like you’re having a really good time.

Cheers man, had a pop at cracking the Silent Hill 2 guitar tone too.

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Forgot to jag our insta too which has a terribly small following please help

These are great! Love the guitar on the Null and Void track

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We’re stepping in to play this tomorrow eve as one of the bands have pulled out, if any Cardiffians are at a loose end. Will be on shortly after 8 as our bassist has to book it across town for a romantic dinner afterwards :rose:

Finally had a listen. Enjoyed those would listen again.

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Newest demo of this Oppenheimer song I’ve posted bits of before

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Also we’re doing a gig on Sat April 9 for any Cardiffians

It’s FREE and BYOB because we’re punk as fuck (although no punk bands are playing)


BUMP for this in case anyone is lost in the 'Diff, looking for things to do ^ come down have a tinnie or two

BADLANDS shared a post on Instagram: "Football Field". Follow their account to see 46 posts.


Is this the same Badlands that released A Thousand Pasts / No Future by any chance? I really love that album and I know someone on here was part of that but embarrassingly couldn’t remember who exactly.


Aw that’s really lovely. Yeah that’s us / me playing the geetr. Almost 10 years old now because time is weird.


Really like that! Super track!

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