Not seen much talk of this album on here. Can’t get enough of it. Dedicated to his cousin that was murderd in 2017. Some really touching tracks and great lyrics.

Anyone listening to this?

Had no idea it was out tbh. Really liked Bucket List Project so will get on this tomorrow

From what I’ve heard it’s quite immersive and haven’t been able to give it the time it deserves yet. Only listened to PROM/KING so far, which was great

This is very good imho. Second half of Prom/King!

I absolutely love it. Right up in the top rank with Kendrick, Vince Staples etc.

The last three tracks - Grey, Prom/King and Heaven all Around Me - is the best 15 minutes of music anyone has released this year.


They’re the highlights for me too. Stunning

Really like Broken Girls and Calligraphy too, but the end of the album is the peak. A definite AOTY contender all round though.

PROM / KING is pretty untouchable, huh?