Saturday all-purpose

Morning all!

We’ve been awake since about 5.30.

I haven’t eaten yet.

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Hi Keith

Gotta go shopping. Might go now. Still sleepy. No 0lwns today other than cook a couple of curries

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Also been up since about 5.30.

Also haven’t eaten yet!

Having coffee and watching CBeebies though. Might do a toasted tea cake in a bit. Not many plans for today, Mr s_w has just left for the NEC for a car show. Mini & I are probably going to either pop M&S or into town or both as I’ve got some birthday money and I fancy some new knitwear. In laws for tea tonight, their round.

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Hello. Was going to do a long bike ride but partner is ill so don’t think that’s what I’ll be doing today :sob:

Looks nice out so probably take the child to the beach in the trailer and get a coffee / babychino this morning. Might sneak out on a shorter ride during her nap.


Morning. Busy one

Cw death my kid’s mum’s grandma died last night which will affect all these plans, I expect.

Swimming lessons this morning, then a walk with my sister and their kid at the country park, and then sleepover for my youngest birthday, then gaming with the ATDs, and then a birthday party at the cinema in the morning.

Puppy is on her way, adult dog also on his way :heart_eyes:


Plan is to head down to Portobello Road to go to Rough Trade West to buy the Sofia Kourtesis record and fancy cake, give the kiddo a run around in a park, and maybe get a pub lunch.


I’ve had a pot of Russian Caravan tea and a bowl of apple and cinnamon crunch cereal. I’ll definitely be second-breakfasting.

We’ve got the standard drama/ McDos morning planned followed by a trip to Costco and other grocery shops. I’m also hoping to go to the beer shop too.

Wor Lass is going out with her work friends for late lunch followed by a 90s disco. She’s been low-key moaning about how two of the girls aren’t old enough to really/ actually remember the 90s.

The Child and I are eating pizza for tea.


Morning all.

Just waiting for the coffee to brew. Not eaten yet either.

Going to take the dog to the beach shortly, do some birding as well hopefully. Then taking the kids to a local fair, then we’re going to put the Christmas decorations up. Appreciate it’s still mid Nov but I’ll be away for the next 3 weekends and it’s something the kids are desperate to do so :man_shrugging:.

Takes tonight and a film, not sure specifically what on either count.

Hope you all have cracking days wherever possible.



Just put my porridge on.

Off to the football in a bit. 1230 kick off, which means I need to leave the house at 9.30 to fit in a couple of 11am pints with the old man. Hate lunchtime kick offs.

Might do nachos for tea I reckon.

Work this morning, then sorting the garden in the cold afternoon. Wish I’d done in the summer, but didn’t and now planning to move house so need to get stuff sorted. Involves sleepers, so might be looking for sympathy later after doing back in.

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Morning! Up relatively early (for a Saturday) so I can go get a haircut. Might have a nap later :sleeping:

^this but with my dearest partner. And probably nearer 10:30.

Does mean I miss the Leeds v Plymouth game, which probably increases the chance of that game being a classic, and the wolves game being a drab 0-0 :sweat_smile:

5-0 home win, you heard it here first.

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Think today marks the start of winter coat and Docs season

Was awake early to feed Billy and then couldn’t sleep so read a lot of my book

Uo now with tea

Got to clean house a bit as friend is popping in for cup of tea later and then my parents are coming for dinner

Sun is shining so that’s excellent anyway

Off to a Christmas market at harewood house

Pretty hungover

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Morning. We overslept but are now in Dishoom. Dads having the Big Bombay and I am having the Wrestler’s naan.

Pics to follow


Might go Tesco’s