Secret Santa DIS CD swap


mine nearly always fill the CD or come close, i’ve often ended up trimming overlong track outros to make them all fit. can’t help myself.

already kicking myself over all the great stuff i can’t fit on this mix.


In the post to get get to recipients by Xmas (if possible) I think was the plan. So a couple of weeks left to get it out.


Just to let my secret santa know that their disc has arrived. Have Moonlandingz and Jane Weaver already but looking forward to listening to the other 11 tracks. Will feedback in the next 10 days.


My elves have been busy, and a disc is in the post to my recipient.


My elves have pulled their finger out too and my recipient will receive theirs as soon as first class post allows!


My disc is on its way by first class sleigh.




Mixing finally done so mine will be out first thing tomorrow


My elves turned out to be bloody useless, so I had to release them from their zero hour contracts and do the work myself.

CD now burned and hopefully in the first class post tomorrow.


Just arrived home to my Secret Santa’s mysterious Top 20 tracks of 2017… Looking forward to having a good listen & giving a guess. Thanks Santa! :santa:

My own went off in the mail yesterday so hopefully my recipient will have it soon!


Mine arrived today too - thanks father ‘funky’ xmas. I look forward to listening to it.


Serves you right for employing them on zero hours contracts! PS just enjoyed first full listen to your sinners mix on way to Chrimbo present swap with the folks.


FC = FC!


Mine will be sent after Christmas I’m afraid! Still have vital days of 2017 to use up for listening and shortlisting.


Ah, good stuff, hope you liked. Surprisingly hard to focus on recently received mixes, making another one and the Christmas challenge song all at the same time!

And apparently family and friends all expect presents too…


Just burn a few extra copies of your mix


Great idea! Maybe I could collate all of my 2017 mixes into a Wowee Zowee Platinum Edition Collectors Boxset?

Comes with a feedback proforma and ticklist for any tracks the recipient wants my further recommendations/random anecdotes about.


Mine is also running late I’m afraid. Gonna pop it in the post at the weekend so hopefully my recipient will at least be able to hear it in 2017.


Fund it with a pledgemusic campaign and get them to pay for their own presents!


It would take some serious nerve to launch a pledge campaign where at the end of it all the backers get is a cheap cd-r of songs previously available that they could have easily found themselves outside of the pledge…