Secret Santa DIS CD swap

Want to be in for a secret santa CD swap? Send me a PM with your address, I’ll pair you up with another recipient and off you go. Make a disc of your fave 2017 musical moments put it in the post to be received by (or as close to as possible) Xmas.

All details here:

Please PM me your details by a week today (24th).

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Yeeeeessssss…Ho Ho Ho :christmas_tree:

Well up for this - thanks again Prob & great shout for a bonus round from Funky


I’m in.

I’m in!

I’m in. My only query is the ‘secret’ aspect - are we planning to send these out anonymously? Slightly precludes feedback/discussion which is my favourite part of the process.

Ooh I like this

I assumed it’d be secret until you receive your disc.

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I’ve done something similar before. Rules were you sent the CD anonymously, the recipient listened, reviewed, then tried to guess who sent it. If guessed correctly the sender confessed, if not they waited until a cut off date when everything was revealed.

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I’d be surprised if any of know each other’s tastes well enough to guess, but nothing wrong with trying if people want to do it that way.

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That’s the fun of it.

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Mine’ll be the one with all the unheard of Irish bands on it


Couple of days to get back to me if you would like to take part in this. Allcomers welcome don’t be shy if you haven’t taken part before.

Yes please! Great idea :slight_smile:

Last bump for this for any stragglers. It’s going to be tomorrow before I can sort out (off to see Wytches tonight) so tomorrow afternoon is the deadline and I’ll hopefully get addresses out evening.

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Up for this - will PM my details now.

If everything has gone to plan if you sent me a message you should now have one back with your recipient for the swap. A few less participants than usual (14). All matching up was random so apologies if you aren’t happy with who you are paired with. Most of the regulars are playing again, but there are a few newbies so not sure how the secret-guess-who-sent thing will work given we wont be familiar with a few. Here’s who is in:

funkycow mclassh woweezowee static bornin69x Icarus-Smicarus Prob500 paulo13 DustyNothing GarethI WardrobeGruber Trev Keith colossalhorse


Might break my own rules here and fill the cd - pretty well settled on my running order and tracks now…

Is there a rough deadline for this @Prob500? I’ve got a rough structure in place but still need to make final cuts.