Seeking advice from Manchester dissers

Thunderstorms over here in Timperley.

All good, we need a bit of rain!

we had a bit of rain here already!

I would very much welcome more, but at least we know the ball is going to skim nicely across the surface

We had about 10 minutes in Didsbury where you’d have been struggling to see more than 20 yards.

I think this is the only time I’d welcome fishing boat at sea-type wetness

Was biblical an hour ago in Glossop

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It is somehow still stupidly humid though


only semi-biblical, here…

@HobbesWhenHeWasNew innit, I knew the weather was going to do us dirty like this

I’ve been semi-regularly pouring jugs of cold water over my head and shoulders. think my meds may be making the heat harder to bear

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Well played @TVDenimChap, I hope your ankle is okay soon enough!


:sweat_smile: At least the ice pack is a bit of an unexpected treat in this weather.

Cheers for having me, was a blast up until the end there :upside_down_face:

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Don’t think I’ve ever felt guiltier about playing a pass just slightly ahead of someone. Did you get home okay? It looked like Steve was gonna get you to Timperley in about 5 minutes!

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Yeah, probably wasn’t the best idea but made it home in one piece! Saved me the ignominy of the in-laws having to pick me up :sweat_smile:

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My new friends for the weekend

Ahhh 5 a side vs the ageing process.

Hope you’re okay. It’s always a “there but for the grace of god” thing nowadays. Can’t remember the last time I played where someone didn’t finish with at least a minor knack.

Father Time always wins in the end

Cheers! Just a bad sprain. Thought I’d avoid a trip to A&E but my son tried to kiss it better and it was excruciating. Thought I was better getting it checked

Does anyone want to see a photo of my manky swollen foot?

  • Yes :smirk:
  • Dear god no, wtf is wrong with you

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I’ll be in mcr next weds (4th) @acorn is that football day?

it’s not, sadly! I play Monday, Thursday, and occasionally Tuesday

Oooh I might switch and come to the office Thursday actually