Selling vinyl and CDs - where's the best place to flog them?

I’ve reached that stage in my life where I have more music than I have shelf space to put it all on and I’d like to flog the bits I don’t listen to any more. What’s the best place to sell CDs/vinyl on? Amazon marketplace? Ebay? Discogs? I’m looking for minimum hassle/maximum profits clearly…

Is there an easy way to work out how much your things go for? I assumed that CDs were basically worthless these days but I’ve seen Mount Eerie Cds, for example, go for three figures on Amazon marketplace.

Thoughts welcome!

If you list them here I’m sure you’d get some buyers.



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Here first
Then discogs
Then ebay

Discogs recommends how much to sell for

Discogs for the vinyl. People will likely already have it in their Discogs wantlists and they’ll get automated updates that your stuff is for sale.
Post a list here first and you’ll likely get some quick sales anyway.

I did this a few years ago:

  • rarities etc: discogs
  • landfill CDs: run each CD through musicmagpie and webuybooks - select the best price and sell in two batches.

Be prepared to part with a crateload of CDs for a two figure sum.

Yep. The MusicMagpie app can actually help with this. It normally values CDs at very little, but if it returns a value of a couple of quid or more it usually means it’s out of print so worth sticking on Discogs or eBay. I sold a few things that made me more than the 100’s of landfill CDs combined.

Most people selling on here have gone for £3 - £4 per cd or a 3 for £10 sort of offer, plus postage. If it was something I wanted I’d certainly take a look for £3 (since you’re unlikely to get it cheaper on musicmagpie or amazon marketplace).