September 2020 Film Thread

4th September
The New Mutants
Les Miserables
Socrates (VOD)
Mulan (Disney+)
I’m Thinking of Ending Things (Netflix)

7th September
Koko-Di Koko-Da (VOD)

11th September
The Roads Not Taken
Max Richter’s Sleep
The Eight Hundred
The Painted Bird (VOD)

16th September
The Devil All the Time (Netflix)

18th September
The Man in the Hat
White Riot

23rd September
Bill and Ted Face the Music

25th September
23 Walks
Miss Juneteenth
Six Minutes to Midnight

28th September

Q: What is the best new cinema/VOD release you’ve seen that came out between the start of April and the end of August?

(I’d do this as a poll but would probably be missing a load of stuff)

Wait, A Quiet Place 2 has been pushed back again until April??? I thought it was out this week. Irked.

Lynn and Lucy, followed by St Frances.

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August stats:

Films watched - 15
Rewatches - 1
Best - St Frances
Worst - Tenet

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Films watched: 30



(I didn’t watch Little Women this month unfortunately)

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Lynn and Lucy is probably the only new release I’ve seen since mid-March.

Like most people I’ve seen loads of films on Netflix, Amazon etc. but Lynn and Lucy is the only new one. Great film.

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After a quick look through my list I think The Vast of Night was my favourite

Did like The Old Guard and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga too


Yeah I’d have probably said The Vast of Night too (along with Beanpole)

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Sea Fever is probably the best new release I’ve seen over the lockdown period. She Dies Tomorrow is the worst

Going to go to the cinema for the first time since March on Friday to see Make Up

Oh yeah, forgot about Sea Fever and The Vast Of Night. Both great.

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surprised how small the drop off was in films i’ve been bowled over by…
(in chronological order)

never, rarely, sometimes always
fanny lye deliver’d
united skates (is on iplayer for a long time)
everything- the real thing story (is on iplayer for a long time)

Watched Da 5 Bloods last night and found it incredibly inconsistent. It started off interesting but got convuluted as the plot went on.


O no

Haven’t watched anything on Mubi for weeks. Anything good worth checking out on there? Thinking about cancelling that pup

August stats

Watched - 15
Best - Uncut Gems, Man on the Moon
Worst - An American Pickle

Definitely choosing The Vast of Night for my new release, but Days of the Bagnold Summer and Da 5 Bloods are my other picks

10 films for August.
Best - scenes from a marriage
Worst - swimming pool

17 for August
Best - Mother (the Bong Joon-ho one)
Worst - The Road to El Dorado

Beanpole/All About My Mother/Talk to Her/Hoop Dreams/Hausu/Ida/Toni Erdmann (if you haven’t seen any of those already)

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Yeah @anon3515918 in case you don’t know (they don’t really publicise it weirdly) their full library is open to stream atm rather than just the 30 films at a time. Loads of good stuff in there