SftMB Bond

I mean I definitely have some recollection of hearing some involvement of Bjork in a Bond song, but it seems unlikely that Batchellorette came from that. It’s pretty much the centerpeice of Homogenic so it’s difficult to imagine it being conceived for a James Bond film and then having that album come out of it instead. I could easily be wrong on that but it would surprise me.


My missus really fancies James Norton who’s in McMafia at the moment. After about 3 seconds of seeing him in a tuxedo she was all ‘oooh he’d make a good Bond’. Still ruining it for her by claiming he’s the spit of Dennis from Always Sunny (he’s handsome af, mind).

Lana Del Rey SURELY

Next one will probably be that Rag ‘N’ Bone Man guy

Is he the bad guy from Happy Valley?

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I’ve not seen Happy Valley so thanks for ruining that for me sadders…

Bit harsh mate

Social (feat. Music Board)

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I’ve not seen McMafia, so thanks for ruining the surprise tuxedo scene.


Take your pick of the current Brit School dingbats to be likely theme song culprints:

  • Emili Sande
  • Florence (with or without The Machine(
  • Jess Glynne
  • George Ezra


Lana Del Rey could be really good

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Scott Walker

He did do a Bond soundtrack. It was the credits for The World Is Not Enough.

Nick Cave

Richard Hawley.


To be fair, it is kind of shit.

Arnold broke tradition by not ending the film with a new song or a reprise of the opening theme. Originally, Arnold intended to use the song “Only Myself to Blame”, written by David Arnold & Don Black and sung by Scott Walkerand inspired by the failed romance between Bond and Elektra King, who turns out to be a villain. However, director Michael Apted “felt it was too much of a downer for the end of the movie” and Arnold replaced it with a techno remix of the “James Bond Theme

That fucking Moby remix.

No, it was written for Stealing Beauty, but not used.

Are you thinking of the version of You Only Live Twice that she did with David Arnold? For some reason it didn’t end up on that Bond theme album he put out, but I quite like it.

Not quite the whole story, Radiohead were actually first choice according to Sam Mendes.its just that they couldn’t use the song they submitted for contractual reasons (Man O War because it wasn’t written specifically for the film). Then they approached Sam Smith who wrote his tune before Radiohead, much later, asked if they could use their new song Spectre.

Sam Mends seemed really gutted, I’m sure he’d love to have Muse

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