Should last longer


Those bits of a song you wish lasted longer.

For example, there’s a two bar phrase in this that just sounds fantastic (1:53/54, where the drums come back in):

And I just want a bit more of it.


Krautrock by Faust feels a bit too short. And as songs go, it’s quite long.


Most of the time I think “Getting Sodas” by TWIABP should have repeated the “verse” and “post-verse” (?) from 0:30 to 1:20 before moving onto the next section of the song. It’s such a great, tense bit and I think having it in there twice would actually build up more tension and increase the effect of transitioning into the next section. Either way, their best song.

I’m torn on this one, but I wish the first part of the first verse of “The Swimmer” by METZ made an appearance in the shorter second verse. It’s so good.