So I was on a train yesterday

and I had my discover weekly on Spotify on. Django Django came on and then when I was getting up to leave i noticed the guy next to me was listening to django django too.

Now if you’re about to ask me how I knew that unless I was being nosy and looking at his phone then here’s the answer - I was being nosy and looking at his phone.


This is on the music board? NOT INTERESTED

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I was sorting through some records yesterday and was holding an old single on the President label. At that precise moment a voice on the television in the next room said, “We must protect the president.”

A couple of months ago I was listening to the new Half Man Half Biscuit album and the last song is called Swerving the Checkatrade and it came on as I was driving past Crawley Town’s home ground which was at that point called the Checkatrade Stadium (the sponsorship deal has since expired)

Django Django Django Django

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So I was taking a walk the other day

You know when you’ve been django’d

*You know when you’ve been Django’d

That’s what I said


The other day I was listening to Low but actually I felt pretty good about things