Speaking of Post Punk.....

These two festivals take place within a week of each other in Los Angeles, May 2022. Which should I be more nostalgic for? the bands who were good 40ish years ago? or the bands who were good 20ish years ago?

Personally I think MIA is only one on either bill who isnt miles passed a sell-by date…

Morrissey alone would rule out the top one for me.

Lots of bands/artists who’ve done great stuff on the second list.


Think I’d have more fun at the second one despite being a fan of the music of more of the artists on the top one.

I’d go to the first one and leave before Morrissey (obv)


I would have good fun at both


Hidden waaaay down at the bottom of the first one, but The KVB are a good current outfit :+1:


Likewise, Yelle had an excellent album out last year

That second poster is from 2007 and no argument is going to convince me otherwise.

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You’d expect Bloc Party to be included in the top line after recently winning the HNGATR World Cup, really

Yeah was gonna say them and drab majesty are relatively new


Not like our cool, cutting edge Euro festivals with fresh headliners like Beck, Pavement and Massive Attack.

I’d go to Just Like Heaven in a heartbeat, even if it is Rockaway Beach for millennials.


Well, the second festival have Chromeo, Peaches and Yelle, who are absolutely not post punk in any fashion whatseover but will easily be the most enjoyable acts playing there.

I’d go to both,
And I’d have a bloody good time at both.
I guess we are using ‘Post Punk’ to mean literally everything after the birth of punk here aye?


it’s really hard to find a picture of a postman dressed as a punk rocker


He looks more like a school kid

never seen a photo of him in his work clothes though

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