Been listening to a lot of Squeeze recently (didnt think I’d be getting into them at 26 but there you go) and think they’re pretty great. Only heard the singles though. Any recommendations of what albums to check out or album tracks?


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love Squeeze but tbh only for the singles really. I listen to Argy Bargy all the way through from time to time, but mostly just listen to Pulling Mussels, Another Nail In My Heart, Cool For Cats, Tempted, Up The Junction… on repeat


big time wanna get into these ever since I realised Ted Leo cribbed half of his whole thing from them.


Saw them for the first time ever at Glastonbury. Realised how many absolute classics they’re responsible for.


Glastonbury this year, I mean.


Yeah I was gutted when I saw they were playing


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StVUPKkmZG0 this video is proper good, I know its one of their most famous songs but the video is top even though its just them and two people playing and dancing


The theme tune to cradle to the grave is pretty damn good.


the pre chorus to goodbye girl is one of my favourite bits of music. i sing it badly every time i walk in the kitchen on a weekend morning.