what unit of measurement do you usually measure distance in?


has to be either metres or millimetres for me, clive. wouldn’t be caught dead with a centimetre.


not miles?

(for long distances, obvs)


How far do you live from work

Ohhh about a million centimetres.


Kilometres most of the time, for running or going for a bike ride on my bicycle which has a carbon fork


Centimetres if I’m trying to make it sound more impressive.


People who still use imperial units of measurement ALL voted for brexit


bike rides[/spoiler] are always in kilometres just like the [spoiler]tours of france


Whenever we would go somewhere and I’d ask my parents how far away it was they would always reply ‘about as far as Epsom’ so Guildford to Epsom units for me


I can’t get on with kilometers, I just can’t visualise how far that is like I can with miles.


Length in double decker buses
Height in Giraffes
Area in football pitches


in highschool we used to walk to the chippy on the high street at lunch time and it was almost bang on a kilometre. so I’ve always used that as a mental reference as to how far away things are.


Km for things like running
mm for everything else


Large areas are measured in ‘Wales’, of course. As in a ‘storm twice the size of Wales’.


And large weights in Whales (blue)


“I ran five chippy runs today”

I like it. :+1:


Metres and centimetres for anything within the house, except me, which is in feet and inches.

Miles for any form of transport. This is because 1) cycling in miles separates you from proper cycle nerds, and 2) walking a mile is a proper walk, whereas walking a kilometre is hardly worth mentioning.


km -


a football pitch would be a useful one but I’ve never watched or played football so can’t picture how big that is to any sort of accuracy


Usually equate a mile to my penis length