Standing at a seated venue: thoughts?

What if it the band is hinting to get people to stand up ? When I was at the seated Converge Bloodmoon gig, the bassist dude was saying “are you all seating comfortably? maybe you would like to sit un-comfortably?”

Sounds like they were saying to stay seated.

if it was me I would let them have their fun, maybe seethe a bit. Telling an usher would ruin the rest of the night for me more, as I’d just feel awkward and self-conscious. That’s just me though,
in some ways I’m glad I no longer go to gigs tbh!

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Fundamentally my stance is ‘you bought a ticket so you can do what you want’ - dance, sing, stand up, cheeky j in the throng of it, chat throughout, whatever, but it’s on you if you’re going to be an inconsiderate twat within that remit. Sometimes it’s cool to be standing for the show, I’ve seen the 1975 a fair few times and no-one with seats is sitting for that shit, their crowds are amazing. But I would check who’s behind me before standing up for sure.

Guy with serious mobility issues sat next to us at James Taylor last week, everyone stood up in the seats in front of him part way through which he clearly couldn’t do for a long period of time so we stayed sat down in some solidarity until peeps chilled the fuck out.

I personally make an informed decision when buying tickets (eg try and make that Mrs Stack who is quite wee will be able to see what we’re going to) but it would be churlish to assume that others have the prior knowledge to do so.

Also really enjoy the No-man’s land when people have stood up out of excitement for a big hitter in the set list then realise there’s no avenue to clap, sing along or dance then awkwardly sit back down.

Tl;dr don’t be a dickhead.


Yeah same all I’ll ever do is quietly seethe

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Yeah would definitely say talk to an usher or steward if you can basically

Peace (stand) up
A-Town (sit) down

I went to a gig at the Olympia in Dublin in the seated area and because I was in the front row we were obliged to sit while the rest of the seats could stand. Had security watching us and everything.

Best sit-down time at a gig was seeing Gas and the crowd just lounged around, some brought beanbags.


Saw Jon Hopkins in a seated venue and it was like a fuckin’ mass with all the vacillation between standing up and sitting down

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This is a bit of a tangent but I remember watching Bat For Lashes at the first Field Day. A couple of people in front of us were having a very exuberantly good time* on top of some of the hay bales, blocking people’s views and then someone got pissed off with them and pushed them off. Drama ensued didn’t actually ensue, just a bit of seething

* makes it sound like they were having sex. They weren’t, they were just dancing

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People who chat through gigs should be hurled into the sun.


Dig that it’s not ideal but they paid the same as anyone so are entitled to chat throughout if that’s how the night has gone for them…doesn’t mean they aren’t being a pain in the arse by any stretch - they should be prepared to have people telling them zip it but it’s their call :woman_shrugging:

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If people wanna chat they should go to a pub or a friends house.
There is no excuse, it’s just selfish, inconsiderate, self absorbed, dickhead behaviour.

Can’t stand loud/incessant chatters during gigs.


Really don’t understand this as an excuse for being inconsiderate and ruining things for other people.


I get that but I can’t imagine a scenario where it wouldn’t be annoying to be next to a talker.

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If you’re also a talker I guess

If everyone just talked at gigs then there wouldn’t be any issues!

Tell that to the band/artist

They’d be talking too




Tbh it’s not something that I’ve ever really noticed to a great degree. Am I the talker?! Fucking hope not!

Idk we all hope for common decency whatever the circumstances we’re in, I’m just not that hot on the prospect of their being unwritten rules in that type of environment.

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