Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)

fake news

You seem to know a lot about the lifespan of supernatural beings. They are all eternal are they! HA!

This isn’t a super hero film, it’s an epic saga about humanity and the struggle against our own nature* you fucking philistine!

*Except 1-3 where was about a curly haired man’s decent up his own arsehole.

Luke’s probably went completely insane on that island, talking to a volleyball and all that.


Presumably they’re making sure not to step on Rogue One’s time in the sun?

The Bucket List Jedi: Luke Skywalker goes scuba diving, runs with the rancor in Pamplona, Does a bungee jump from the bottom of cloud city.

descend upwards, stupid!


None of the Star Wars titles wouldn’t be improved with a question mark on the end.

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Star Wars Episode IX: The Crock of Shit

is this even news though?

not like there is a lot to it, and everyone knew we were going to have a movie every December for three years?

Don’t like the middle of a trilogy having the word last in it

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2 Last 2 Jedi


6 years isn’t it? 3 as part of the saga every other year then 3 standalones? Maybe, i dunno! But yes, hardly news


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true, 2018 has the Han/Lando film. I guess I was thinking more in terms of this 3rd instalment of the trilogy of trilogies.

Do I need to start a ‘Films for adult babies’ thread for you?

Well it is news in the sense that we have a title and that makes people speculate.

This is the Star Wars Episode VIII thread.


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ahh, gottcha!

I like the sound of a trilogy of trilogies

You can start the Fast & Furious 8: The Fate and the Furious thread if you want mate?