Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (I'm not even on StarWarsBook, mate)



There you go, then

Solo: A Star Wars Story
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Hank Scorpio mystery SOLVED:

as someone who doesn’t really give much of a shit about Star Wars I am very much looking forward to Rian Johnson’s take on it


Another one already, fucking hell. If the cow’s making milk I guess


theo can start as many threads as he wants mate


You’re lucky: it was slated to come out in summer


I didn’t click the link


Reckon it’ll be better than The Last Samuri but not as influential as Henry VIII.


so this is just revealing the title? fuck sake, thought there was a trailer


Spoiler: I don’t think it will actually be the last one


I’d like it better if it was The Lost Jedi and it turned out the only reason Mark Hamill was stuck on that rock was due to the X-Wing’s sat-nav malfunctioning.


It’s making the best milk it’s made since the early 80s.


Sorry mate. As if they’re going to do that :expressionless:


Just realised that you can no longer refer to Episode VI as “Jedi” any longer.



trailer a year early? don’t they do that with all the superhero films? idk


properly bored of star wars shite now



Good thread for you, then.


The Vengeful Return of the Last Rugoe Jedi


so it’s gonna have mark hamill doing an obi wan for a bit, then he’ll die and whatsherchops will become ‘the last jedi’



If the jedi turn into the blue man ghost group when they die and are eternally part of the force, then how could you have a last one? There will always be Yoda, Obi Wan, and Hayden Christenson knocking about till the end of the universe?

Unless it means it’s the last physical jedi. Which would make more sense.