Stay away from when purchasing musical instruments

I dont do such posts but after having 2 terrible first time experiences with in which they delayed both my orders by months i am notifying others to stay away from this scam online vendor. They dont have items in stock and would make you wait for months for the item to be shipped as it happened with me. Whatever musical instrument you wanna buy online just dont go with them. They also seem to be buying fake good reviews on to deceive potential customers.

Just dont for this nightmare of a seller or you will regret like me. Mods plzz keep this post up cause i dont want others to get into the hassle i got into.

I’ve bought loads of things from them in the past, never had anything but a good service from them.


I ordered 2 Behringer Audio interfaces ( 202 and 204). After they delayed my first order ( 202) by near 70 days i gave them a 2nd chance and even asked beforehand for the availability of the Behringer 204 to which they lied that its available and ready to be shipped. Did my 2nd order the same day and already got 3 emails from them saying that the order has been delayed by total 27 days further now. Now my whole project is delayed by 3 months.

Its just frustrating. I have never had such horrible experience with an online seller before.

Have you asked for a refund? Reckon under distance selling laws they would have no choice

Why don’t you make me

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They bought 32 thousand reviews?

I will stay away from, but only because you said so

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And they’ve dragged down to their level! For shame

Stay away from the guy with the funny eye. Stay away from the funny-eyed guy

they did u a favour mate ha ha


My frustration also comes from the fact that they told me beforehand that the item is available and ready to be shipped. I live in Asia so it had to take 10 days for the item to come via DHL.
I had ordered on 19th December, the same day they assured me that the item is available to ship. They blatantly lied about the product’s availability which is the part that angered me the most. Why lie when you dont have the product in stock in first place.

Here are the screenshots of when the assured me on 19th December 2017 that the item is available and ready for shipping and another screenshot showing the details of the order that i did on the same day for the item on 19th December, 2017 after their assurance email.

Why are online musical instrument retailers so mean?


Wouldn’t one of them be a second time experience?


I’m never going to use them again

Yeah, i know. The 2nd order was a second time experience.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. And with that, I’m moving this to the classifieds.

Anyone remember DenmarkStreetSucks?


No… Do tell?

Rings a vague bell actually, although the whole street was just an exercise in overpricing really.

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